Beacon, Inc

Providing day program, residential and home based support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and enrichment programs for preschool aged children.

“People with developmental disabilities have special needs, 

but their basic needs are the same as everyone else’s.  

The need to have a home, learn useful, relevant skills; work; and develop and sustain relationships with people they care about and who care about them.”  

-Author Unknown


The Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. operates on the principle that all people with developmental disabilities and mental illness have:
  • strengths, abilities and value to their community,
  • the constitutional, civic and moral right to  live, work, play and worship in the safe and healthy community of their choice, and,
  • must be treated with dignity and respect.

The Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. is committed to providing services that empower people with disabilities, and their families, to make informed choices regarding life decisions.

The Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. will support the families of persons served by acting as an advocate in the community and provide them with leadership, compassion and respect.

The Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. will continue to strive for excellence in service delivery, enabling people with disabilities to achieve their highest potential and insuring the future of the organization for generations to come. 

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Sadly, We Must Cancel Our Fried Pie Production

Our annual Fried Pie Sale started with our usual high expectation and our supporters came through with generous support. As you know this is a major fundraiser for our agency, along with the Annual Beacon Benefit, which was also postponed this year.


Our Fried Pies were to be in production the week of March 16th with delivery to be March 19th. As you recall, Governor Pritkzer of Illinois announced a statewide public health crisis due to Covid-19 at the same time, so our production of pies was halted due to the need to social distance from others. At this time it was our hope that we would be able to return to production at a later date.


Pie production requires a large group of individuals to gather at the Otto Center, operating together to manually prepare each pie from beginning to end and working together until the pies are delivered. This congregation of individuals is not safe or likely to be allowed, even under the phased reopening.



It is with this prospect of continued risk that

have decided to consider

our sale cancelled for this year.


We will be refunding your payments for the Fried Pies.


What we need you to do is contact us to initiate the refund of for your purchase.


Some of you have placed orders through your company, place of business or other group, in which case you will need to let us know whose name the order is under.


Contact our office at 217-728-7396, 



to initiate the refund of your payment.


If you wish to donate the monies that you paid, please notify us of your intention to do so.


Thank You for your generous support of the Moultrie County Beacon, Inc.

From Josh Evans at Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities:

As many of us are adjusting to telecommuting for our jobs, being parents and educators to our children, maximizing social distancing and minimizing trips for essential food items and supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, know that there 
are thousands of heroes among you. These heroes are working back-to-back and overnight shifts, spending their days, nights, and weekends away from their families 
to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of others.  They are essential to our 
social services safety net, but heroes to thousands of children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. These heroes are our Direct Support Professionals, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals, and frontline staff working in service provider agencies across Illinois.
In over 1,500 homes and sites throughout Illinois, these heroes are serving and supporting over 16,000 of our friends, family members, and loved ones with developmental disabilities so they can manage through this pandemic and have meaningful days.  Similar to our heroes in healthcare, our heroes can’t engage in social distancing models – as they are crucial to activities of daily living, they administer medications, they offer counseling and interventions – and they are 
the best advocates for the individuals they serve that we know. Our heroes 
engage in sometimes the most difficult work, but by far the most rewarding 
work one can do – where compassion, empathy, and service are virtues. 
To you, reader – who may not be one of our heroes - know that our DSPs, QIDPs, 
and frontline staff bring light and joy to the world of so many friends, family and 
loved ones.  As we continue through these unusual times and try to end the spread 
of this terrible virus, know that they perform this work – sometimes without access 
to much needed PPE and at wages and benefits we wish we could get to reflect the value we place in them – with unparalleled grace and commitment.  We will need
you to support our efforts to ensure our heroes receive their due.
To those reading that are DSPs, QIDPs, and frontline staff – know that you are 
seen, that you are admired, that you are loved, that you are inspirational and 
that you are heroes.
Birthday Conference Call
Dedicated DSP, Val Turnbow, assists in making a birthday conference call with family possible for Jill.  While we are safely isolating away from friends and family, it is still possible to make memories and experience adjusted ways of doing things.  

With love and grace we will all get through this new experience healthy, and happily on the other side!
Making Masks During Viral Outbreak

Here is a little update about the state of affairs at the Beacon.

Our CILA consumers have now been sequestered in their homes for over a week, and everyone is doing very well. All of our DSP staff are working around the clock to provide meaningful activity and high quality care. Our local IGA is helping us with groceries, although just like everyone else, bread and milk are in high demand! That’s ok!

Most importantly, the virus has been kept away����. Admin staff have been making masks for staff to wear while working in close proximity to consumers. We hope to have all of them distributed by the end of business tomorrow. We have also made business cards for employees that identify them as “essential providers”. We don’t want anyone to have a problem as they travel to and from work, and many of our DSP’s live out of town. Those will be distributed tomorrow also.

Kudos to our awesome staff who continue to provide direct care to our most vulnerable citizens ❤️. They are angels among us!

Everyone else, stay home and stay safe!

All Community Day Program sites, including ours at 401 W. Water in Sullivan, and throughout the State of Illinois will now be closed through April 15th.  The Department of Human Services will keep us updated on any need to extend this timeline.  

We do not know of anyone who has symptoms. This is a proactive attempt to prevent this virus from infecting our consumers if it comes to our area.  

In our residential program, all of the individuals are in their CILA homes receiving care and oversite from all agency Direct Support Professionals with the oversite of our nursing department, case management and administration.  

Individuals who live at home with their families are asked to follow the same recommendations that we are all familiar with. Basically, travel out of necessity only. Keep your hands washed and away from your face. Keep hard surfaces in your home sanitized, and most certainly cover you coughs or sneezes! If anyone develops a fever, call your healthcare provider. 

I realize that these measures may be inconvenient, but we serve a most vulnerable population. We are doing our best to protect them from the virus. Visitors are not allowed at our CILA homes and I urge our family’s to do the same.  The administrative offices of the Beacon are all open and as always you can call me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and stay well!

Susan Rauch, Executive Director

Annual Beacon Benefit Postponed
The Annual Beacon Benefit Auction that was to be held on Friday, April 17th, 2020 in Arthur, Illinois at the OTTO CENTER has been postponed.

Each year for the past 17 years this auction has helped to provide support for programming for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  

We hope we will see our friends and families at our Benefit Auction that will be held at a later date.  Your participation and purchases are very valuable to us as we raise funds for capital projects and expenditures, activities for our Community Day Programs and other supportive services.  

We had a fabulous time at 
Night to Shine
at GT Church in Decatur


Maybe you have partial skeins of worsted yarn at your house from previous projects that you would like to get out of the closet. 

We'll take them!!

You can call our office at 217-728-7396 or bring them to our offices at 401 W. Water and we will take those colorful remnants off your hands.  


Introducing a new business to our friends and community!  

ROSIE'S RUGS is a business operating from the Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. selling hand-loomed quality blue jean rugs.  Operated by Rosalie Gingerich of Arthur, Rosie cuts strips from salvaged denim jeans, sews them together into strips to be woven through the "warp" - the long threads that run through the loom.  There is variation in the coloring of the blue denim strips due to all the different colored denim that is re-purposed for the strips.  Denim makes a durable, washable rug as shown in the picture above.  

Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.   Rosie utilizes a vintage loom that was donated to the Moultrie County Beacon by Stanley Jenkins of Sullivan.  With the assistance of our jack-of-all-trades Paul Cook, we were able to teach individuals how to use the loom for making rugs.  Rosie decided that she would like to start a business making rugs and we are glad to promote her work for her to enable her to establish a market for her wares.

Rosie's rugs are available in varying lengths with pricing as follows:


       Up to 42” - $20.00

       42” to 52” - $25.00

       52” to 64” - $30.00

       64” to 78” - $35.00

       78” to 80” - $40.00

Over 90” is .50 cents an inch unless extra, extra long

We currently have in stock: one 72" rug, one 55" rug, and two 38" rugs

Order your rugs by calling the Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. at 217-728-7396.  

You may also look up Rosie's Rugs on Facebook and message for information or orders.


Need a Ride?
Please click on the picture to be linked to a list of transportation providers in our area for individuals with disabilities, elderly individuals, persons with low income and veterans.

Purpose Statement of The Moultrie County Beacon

We, the Moultrie County Beacon, work together to create

a workplace environment where we demonstrate

honesty, dedication, respect, patience, and understanding.

We provide an innovative and positive atmosphere

for employees that is trusting, uplifting, and rewarding.

Because of this, we celebrate.  Every Day.

--Written together by dedicated employees

of the Moultrie County Beacon on June 22, 2017

united way.jpg

May we give forward

As you give to us

During our Fall Training Day, October 20th, 2017 during our DSP Appreciation Week, we had a presentation by United Way with an entertaining video presentation about the funding that is utilized in Moultrie County and a heartwarming story about the success for a young man who benefited from the generosity of donors.  Payroll deductions were explained and our DSP’s overwhelmingly responded by signing up to donate from their hard-earned pay.  It is said that those with the least, give the most, and with pay raises a distant memory, OUR FOLKS GAVE ANYWAY…….. And we couldn’t be more proud.  

Legislative Updates 
ILLINOIS Association 
of Rehabilitation Facilities

Since its incorporation, IARF has been the voice of human service organizations in government. In addition we have worked to provide agencies with individual consultation on issues that affect them specifically. IARF also commits itself to developing programs that return members’ investment of their dues.  Our purpose is clear, "To assist in the development and improvement of services in Illinois."
The Association represents nearly 80 member agencies providing services and supports in more than 900 locations across the state of Illinois from Galena to Karnak, Chicago to Metro East St. Louis, and Quincy to Danville. Our membership provides services and supports in 111 of 118 legislative districts representing a unique opportunity to shape public policy as our membership is active at the grassroots level.