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Moultrie County Beacon, Inc.

Lighting the way for people with disabilities


Individuals seeking services 
from the Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. 
must be served 
through Prairieland Service Coordination 
to establish eligibility and funding availability.

Contact your Independent Service Coordination unit:
Prairieland Service Coordination, Inc.
1670 S. Taylorville Rd.
Decatur, IL  62521
Ph. 217•362•6128
Toll Free: 800-866-8779

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You must be enrolled on the statewide database before you can obtain services.  This entry is made through a Prioritization of Urgency of Need of Service or PUNS form.

For more information on PUNS, visit

Admission to Services at the 

Moultrie County Beacon


The State of Illinois has converted to a payment system with Illinois Medicaid insurance program.  After this conversion, payment to community agencies such as the Moultrie County Beacon came through the Medicaid program and our payments were converted to a “fee-for-service” system.  In other words, each individual’s services are paid for with insurance coverage provided by the State of Illinois. Individuals are screened for eligibility for this insurance, on the basis of a disabling diagnosis and a person’s assets. The State of Illinois administers this insurance, as each state does.  These Medicaid insurance payments also give states eligibility for a match of Federal revenue to help assist in the administration of this insurance coverage.


What should you do RIGHT NOW!


  • Save any information you might have from your school district or medical providers that determines and explains your disability.  This could be a diagnosis from a doctor, a psychological evaluation or record of Special Education services, like an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  You will need to determine that you or your family member had a developmental or intellectual disability prior to age 18.


  • Apply for the Illinois Medicaid insurance program. While medical programs are administered through the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the public may apply for medical assistance at their Illinois Department of Human Services Local Office (Family Community Resource Center).

Click Here for a Link to Medical Assistance Information


  • Contact your Independent Service Coordination unit, which, for Moultrie County is:


Prairieland Service Coordination

1670 S. Taylorville Rd.

Decatur, IL  62521

Ph. 217•362•6128    FAX 217•362•6129


  • An Individual Service and Support Advocate “ISSA” will assist you with determining your eligibility for services and get you registered for a statewide database of individuals who are waiting for services. This registration process enters information that the ISSA gathers and uses a Prioritizion of Urgency of Need for Services,  “PUNS” form.  Your need for services are categorized one of three ways:
  • Emergency – You need immediate services
  • Critical – It is likely you will need services in this next year
  • Planning – You will likely need services in 5-6 years


This database is a “waiting list” for services. It is very important that you get listed on this PUNS registry so the State of Illinois will have information about the needs of the people in our State.

For further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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